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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1890-1892

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Oct Nov 1890

30 Put in Posts at other place & fixed Orchard fence & F took lot of Chop to Br S's AM F H & A began Pulling turnip & J drew 2 loads wood from other bush & brought home Chop PM W. very fine & Cler, shower this evening

31 H helped W Reesor thresh at Shanks F & A took in load Potatoes out of Pits AM there were not many rotten J Plowed in Mangel ground W. fine heavy White frost the last few nights

Nov 1 Boys took in Potatoes out of one Pit then pulled turnip till noon done nothing PM I started at 11 oclock to bring home Adeline from Br inlaw Peters W. fine AM soft snow all PM turned to rain this evening

Sunday 2 I & Nancy went to NB's W soft snow & rain nearly all day

3 H went to Toronto on train to buy an overcoat boys drew apples to the house brought in one Pit Potatoes & Chored at other place I took 8 bags Chop to Br S's PM W. hard frost last night soft today

4 Boys drew 7 loads turnips AM Picked some apples & Finished Pulling turnip PM

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Nov 1890

I took Susanna to Byer's AM to get her Cancer taken out it was dead but it was fast. Esther went along to get a Tooth drawn. W. very fine & Cler

5 Boys drew 14 loads turnips AM then I & Boys went to Lewis' Reesor's sale PM I bought Pair of Bob sleighs at $1.25. W. fine & Cler, beautiful

Thanksgiving day 6 all went to Meeting at Hebron except Adeline & Susanna Adeline's Cancer is very sore she is lame remarks & sermon on St Mat 6 C by Br C. I & Nancy & Henry & Anne went to M Barkey's PM. W. very fine & Cler

7 Finished drawing turnip 19 loads into Cellar at home & boys took 8 big loads into barn Cellar at other place & Cart loads into horse feeding room. W. very fine & mild, Cloudy at times PM a little like rain 8 heavy shower at bedtime

8 I & H brought home sleighs that I bought at Lewis Reesor's sale (they are very good) F got Horse Charley shod AM boys took in one Potato pit PM W. Cool, Cloudy

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