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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1900-1902


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May 1901 June

(north of Cober's) W. Cloudy AM very heavy rain Just at noon rain off & on all PM the creek is pretty high

June 1 J was at Thomas's getting some Iron strapping made to bolt on each side of the Truck wheels A finished the wood work of the wheels Henry finished Painting them AM. A & Henry got more Rosie shod on four feet PM W. drizzly rain AM Cler PM I & Nancy started about 2 PM & went to Davids & staid all night

Sunday 2 went to Meeting at Widemans remarks by C Gayman Sermon on St Luke part of 19th C by C Burkholder went to Peter Burkholder's to dinner then Came home W. rain this morning till about 9 AM then prety cler till after dinner when it rained till about 3 PM Clered up till we was prety near home when it rained heavy for a while

3 A & Henry drove down & straightened Posts south of graveyard & out near 11th Con AM they pulled down rebuilt rail fence from Corner of 11th to the bush PM J took our Horses Chief & Billy & Thomas's spring waggon & he & Thomas & Benj'n went to Stouffville J got 4 Truck Tires for $1.50 Cents W. very fine & Cler

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June 1901

4 A & henry helped Benj'n Brick his Horse stable floor AM J went with Dave March & got 500 Bricks at Cherrywood @ $6.00 per M Henry sheared the sheep PM & helped awhile at Benj'ns after he was done Herman's Called AM they went to M Barkeys Harvey staid here for dinner W. very fine & warm

5 J brought road scraper from Nick Reesor's Henry helped awhile at Benj'n's at stable A laid some floor in Old Hog pen AM J & Henry scraped Pickering townline & A fixed oven & they cut some feed PM W. very fine & Cler I & Nancy Anne & Susanna went to Br inlaw Enos Hoover's they were not at home then we went to Br inlaw Peter's to dinner

6 Herman's & Br inlaw Peter's Came this morning A hitched our Horses to Herman's spring waggon & Mary & Anne went along too they went to Mouth of Rouge fishing they did not catch many J & Henry helped Flavius draw some sticks of timber from bush to the barn AM they Chored PM I took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's AM W. warm, shower AM Cler PM Herman's & Peter's were here to supper

7 A & Henry hlepd Carpenters at Flavius J scuffled some Mangels & went to Unionville for his road list PM I went to Ceder Grove AM W. very fine getting Cooler

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