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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1900-1901


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June 1901

28 J cut swail north of Orchard with Mower A & Henry Cut along creek & fence with scythes AM they brought home a small load from the Jacob Reesor farm PM I & Nancy went to U Drudges AM & to Ceder Grove Mary Came home this evening she has been there since Monday Ruhana is a little better but far from well W. very very warm yet about 90 deg

29 A & Henry helped at Flavius T Bishop was there they put in the granary all except the Bins I Blowed Paris Green onto the Pumpkins & early Potatoes & went to Ceder Grove AM J Chored & scuffled A & Henry Came home early then they brought in the swail hay W. very very warm about 90 deg

Sunday 30 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Wideman's remarks by Br C sermon on St Mat 25th C by C Gayman went to David Ramers to dinner & to Davids to supper W. quite a bit Cooler fine Breeze from NW. A. Mary & Anne were in Meeting too

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July 1901

July 1 Boys Scuffled & hoed Corn I took Susanna to Benj'ns after dinner & brought her home this evening Boys began to dig a grave for Hezekiah Hilts daughter after supper W. very very warm about 90

2 Boys finished grave till about 9 AM then they hoed Corn we all went to the Funeral of Hilts's daughter about 1/2 past 3 PM I don't know the name of the Preacher he had to Preach outside Mrs Hilts was too Much overcome to go inside the weather was very warm I think about 90 deg there are some Thunder Clouds going round Susanna was at home alone. a slight shower this morning

3 Boys finished hoeing Corn & began thinning turnips Henry helped Benj'ns draw in hay AM I & Nancy went to JB's to dinner W. some Cooler Cler

4 J Mowed a few Acres in Meadow till about 10 Oc A Mowed along fences Henry thinned Turnips A Scuffled Mangels J & Henry hoed Potatoes PM I took grist to Br S's AM W. pretty warm, not so warm as it was a fine shower about 4 PM. heavy thunder showers went around Adeline Mary & Anne went to U Drudges PM

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