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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1900-1902


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Sept 1901

J Cut Corn with Binder for A Dimma PM Henry Plowed PM I went to Ceder grove AM. W. very fine & Cool

18 J finished A Dimma's Corn & Cut Andr Reesors Henry helped fill Dimma's Silo till after 3 Oc A helped And Reesor with team PM I & Nancy started to go to Joe Shirks in Mt Joy we met them in Boxgrove so we went to John Smiths also in Mt Joy we staid to dinner W. Cler sharp this Morning slight frost in some places

19 A & Henry helped And Reesor finish filling his silo with team J Plowed AM J Cut Corn for Jim Murisons with Binder PM A & Henry Plowed I went to Ceder Grove with Butter & Eggs PM W. very fine & Cool slight frost last night

20 J & Henry Plowed A Cut Corn with Binder for G Maxwell at Ceder Grove I & Nancy took wool to Almira got dinner Called at Herman's awhile PM W. rather Cloudy, fine & Cool

21 J & Henry Plowed AM J went to P Davis's Sale & Henry finished Plowing big field PM A cut Corn for G Davison & Cowan north of Cherrywood

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Sept 1901

All day I went to J Boyd's this Morning to tell him that we will Cut his Corn on Monday I went to Ceder Grove PM W. very fine & Cool all day

Sunday 22 Henry Adeline & Mary went to Meeting at Widemans we were at home I & boys walked to Benj'ns AM he has a fine Cow dying of Milk Fever Anne & Susanna drove up PM she was just living & that was all W. very fine & Cler

23 A & Henry Plowed on Knoll AM Henry helped George Maxwell Cut Corn to fill a silo & J Plowed PM A Cut Corn with Binder for J Boyd AM & Mr Maxwell at Belford PM I went to Maxwells this Morning to tell him that the Binder was ready then I took 5 bags barley to Br S's & brought home some Chop AM O Giebner & Solomon Burkholder's & Abraham Burkholder brought Allen Rickert & wife & J Burkholder & wife from Mahoney County Ohio to give us a short Call PM. W. very fine Cler & warm

24 J & Henry Plowed A Picked some fallen apples AM J took the apples over 1200 lbs to Lapps PM @ 3cts per cwt

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