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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1906-1909


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July 1908

Hermans Harvey Came to stay all night Dr called this evening Susanna some better

15 A & Henry helped Benj'n at hay AM 3 Boys hoed Mangels PM heard today that Mary Burkholder died at 1100 AM will be Buried on Friday at 900 AM W. very fine strong NW wind our Beef ringer went in this week

Boys 16 Boys scuffled & cut some fence Corners & cut weeds along 11th Con W. very fine but some Cloudy not so warm

17 Henry's went to Funeral of Mary Burkholder J & A Chored & fixed a wagon rack W. began to rain slow & steady about 6 oc AM rained nearly all day

18 Henry brought a load of lumber from Stouffville for Elias A took Cream J Chored A began plowing sod on Knoll PM W. heavy thunder showers this morning before Breakfast Cleared up fine today PM brought home some Chop

Sunday 19 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Widemans remarks by C Gayman sermon on St Luke part of 5th C by Levi Grove went to Levi Burkholders to dinner & to C Burkholders to supper

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July 1908

W. rather cloudy at times ot so warm a smart shower at home but not up north

20 Boys Cut fall wheat & plowed on Knool it is a very good Crop W. fine not so warm

21 Boys Chored AM A & Henry Plowed PM J took home grist with Mare Nell PM W. fine steady rain all AM Cler PM

22 A & Henry finished Plowing Knoll & began sod south of bush J Chored & scuffled late Mangels I went to Ceder Grove PM got a bag of Cooking sugar at $4.85 W. pretty warm fine NW Breeze

23 Boys finished Plowing sod south of bush A rolled the Knoll Henry Paris Greened the late Potatoes W. fine warm

24 Boys Grubbed & worked sod J brought a few Cwts of bran from Spinks @ 18 dollars per ton I brought 2 Baskets Whortle berries from Ceder Groe @ $1.35 per Basket W. pretty warm fine Breeze

25 A & Henry & Sarah & Amy & Willis went to Elias's barn raising I & Nancy went too for about an hour at dinner J staid with Susanna then he went too all went well W. a very fine Cler day air from East

Sunday 26 at home all day W. quite warm fine air from East

27 J cut Barley A & Henry drew in fall wheat 8 big loads W. quite warm fine Breeze from East I brought AB's Lizzie this evening to help wash.

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