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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1906-1909


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Sept 1908 Oct

Sunday 27 all went to Meeting at Hebron except Susanna Sarah & little Willis remarks & sermon's on St Mat 26 & 27 Chapter by C Gayman Pre Amos Gingerick of Waterloo Br C & C Burkholder Lords Supper was Celebrated. Visitors C Burkholder's MN Pre Amos Gingerick & wife John Bauman & wife Waterloo Thomas Reesor & wife & Nancy Barkey W. still warm & some smoky this is my 72 nd Birthday

28 Boys dug Potatoes AM they Chored PM W. dull & drizzly AM steady rain PM from East very fine & soaking our Tub is running over I & Nancy went to see Anne she is in bed the Pain in here side is not so bad Dr says it is a Touch of Pneumonia

29 Henry went to Plow on the Menno Burkholder farm he intends to stay all week J ganged behind barn A spread dung W. cooler a strong NW wind I & Nancy washed AM took in a lot of Beets PM

30 J ganged A spread dung I & Nancy went to Joes PM Called at Elias's Anne is in bed yet W. a slight frost last night fine today

Oct 1 A finished spreading dung & began Picking Winter Apples J ganged I took Susanna to Joes & brought her home PM

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Oct 1908

I got Mare Nell shod all around AM W. fine & Cler Cool wind

2 J ganged A picked winter apples W. Clear cool. strong NW wind Dr Called this evening Susanna is not so well

3 J & A dug Potatoes J finished ganging behind barn this morning I took grist to Davids AM Called Dr after dinner Susanna was quite smart this morning but took an affection of the heart about noon is pretty weak this evening W. sharp frost last night very fine today

Sunday 4 at home Elias & family were here to dinner Br S & Bertha & Aunt Lizzy were here PM W. a very fine Cler October day Susanna quite poorly in bed all day

5 J took cream A helped Taylors fill silo H Henry & J Pulled Mangels I went PM & brought AB's Lizzy to help us Susanna in bed Dr Called I & Nancy washed AM

6 Boys worked Mangels Carl helped I took grist Oats to Davids AM brought it home PM Br inlaw Simon Hoover's Called PM W. very fine sharp Air from East Susanna feels a little better is in bed yet

7 Boys brought in nearly all Mangels Carl helped Daniels were here to dinner Herman Called PM Dr Called Susanna not so well in bed yet W. rather foggy & smoky fair & warm.

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