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William Sunter (1831 – 1917)
Transcribed by Rural Diary Archive volunteers
DAILY JOURNAL 1892 {Handwritten} Diary - John McKenzie
{This is the inside of the cover and contains a 1889 full year calendar and 1890 for the
months January to April}
{This page provides typed written information with the following headings: Rates of
Postage, Money Orders, Post Office Savings Bank, Fixed and Moveable Festivals,
Anniversaries, &c., Bank Holidays, LIST OF SUNDAYS IN 1889.}
DIARY, 1889.
{Blank page}
{Purple date stamp} JAN 1892
{Purple date stamp} JAN 1 1892
very fine day. no snow at all. roads quite muddy. Bella & I were up home (T.G's) for
dinner, also Sandy & Em., Jno & Annie, Mr & Mrs Jno Moore, from Limehouse. All the
T.G. family were present but bill. Stopped taking Herald & commenced " mercury.
{Purple date stamp} JAN 2 1892
at shot - closed down.
{Purple date stamp} JAN 3 1892
Snowed nearly all day, cold at church in morning.
{Purple date stamp} JAN 1892
{Purple date stamp} JAN 4 1892
Cold, but no sleighing Election day, at shop all day shop closed down. Normie weaned
this date 19 months 2 days old
{Purple date stamp} JAN 5 1892
Fine day. Bella & I at Annie K's for tea Dr R Orton was buried today
{Purple date stamp} JAN 6 1892
Snowing & Blustry all day at shop.
{Purple date stamp} JAN 1892
{Purple date stamp} JAN 7 1892
Snowed quite a bit last night & early this morning, about 2 in snow on Ground. cold.
Bella, Normie & I up home for tea.
{Purple date stamp} JAN 8 1892
Very cold & frosty this A.M. Good sleighing for cutter around the city. Mr. A Smith drove
to Morriston this A.M. oysters .10¢
{Purple date stamp} JAN 9 1892
Very cold. at shop all day some sleighing about town Oysters .20¢
{Purple date stamp} JAN 10 1892
Cold but very fine day, a little more snow last night. G.E.B. & J. Clark took their sleighs
this A.M. for first time Monday at church in evening Bella & myself.
{Purple date stamp} JAN 11 1892
{Purple date stamp} JAN 11 1892
Cold 3 degrees below Zero last night & very fine day. at shop all day. sleighing very
good in city
{Purple date stamp} 12 - 15 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} 16
Cold but fine winter day. Olly Abbot took sick at Mr Jas Talbots here today (rong date)
{Purple date stamp} 17
{Purple date stamp} JAN 1892
{Purple date stamp} 18 - 21 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} 22
Beemer not at work today. Sick
{Purple date stamp} 23 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} 24
Bella & I drove Mrs Abbot out Home to Everton. Had dinner & tea a Robt. Talbots. Mrs
A. came back with us. Olley A. some better.
{Purple date stamp} JAN 1892
{Purple date stamp} 25
Kenzie took his child to Hospital this A.M. with Dyphtheria.
{Purple date stamp} 26
Mr Smith went to Mt Forest this A.M. splendid sleighing
{Purple date stamp} 27
Fine day. but cold. Normie has a bad cold this P.M.
{Purple date stamp} JAN 1892
{Purple date stamp} 28
very fine day. lots of snow. Mr T. Pearson commenced to cut my wood this A P.M.
Normie some better.
{Purple date stamp} 29
Fine day. Thawing. at shop all day. (payday). Robt. M
Kenzie's child died this A.M. with
Dyphtheria. Fisk Jubillee Singers sang in Dublin St M. Ch. last evening & a great treat.
full house.
{Purple date stamp} 30
very fine day. thawing. Bella & Mrs French out for driving this afternoon. at shop all day.
Mr & Mrs J. Moore and Jennie Fraser here today
{Purple date stamp} 31
{Purple date stamp} FEB 1892
{Purple date stamp} FEB 1 1892 - 11 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} 12
very cold plenty of Snow. Bella & I went out with a sleighing party to Rich
{Purple date stamp} 13 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} 14
Snowed nearly all day roads drifted very bad in some places.
{Purple date stamp} FEB 1892
{Purple date stamp} 13 15
Very fine day. lots of snow. Brother Will left for Brandon. Man. via C.P.R. this P.M.
{Purple date stamp} 16 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} 17
Mrs M. A. Keables died this A.M. in Cleveland
{Purple date stamp} FEB 1892
{Purple date stamp} 18
very fine day, splendid sleighing. Mrs Keables' body was brought to Guelph on noon
train today. Bella & her Sister Jennie & Normie were out for a drive this afternoon. went
up to see my father in evening.
{Purple date stamp} 19
very stormy all day. at Mrs Keables funeral in afternoon.
{Purple date stamp} 20
very fine day, at shop all day.
{Purple date stamp} 21
Beautiful day. thawing. went for a drive with Jumbo.
{Purple date stamp} FEB 1892
{Purple date stamp} 22
Very fine day snow going fast Loading car Rollers for Ingersoll this afternoon.
Rollers .60¢
{Purple date stamp} 23 - 28. MAR 1 - 6 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} MAR 1892
{Purple date stamp} 7
very fine day. Thos W. Gowdy & wife here for tea also Geo. M
Callister & Miss P. Ellis.
{Purple date stamp} 8
No sleighing in town. Thos W. Gowdy & wife left today for Moose Jaw, Manitoba. sold
him our Boy team to take with him also a Land Roller and Disk Harrow.
{Purple date stamp} 9 - 12 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} 13
Home all day.
{Purple date stamp} MAR
{Purple date stamp} 14 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} 15
very cold, & windy. Wm Abbott & Hy Talbot left for the N. West T. this P.M. with 2 car
loads of stock.
{Purple date stamp} 16 {blank}
{Purple date stamp} MAR
{Purple date stamp} 17
very fine day but cold. Loading Car of Impliments for A. A. Hudgin. Picton, today
{Purple date stamp} 18
no sleighing in town but rather cold & snowing a little all day. Had a post card from
Brother Will.
{Purple date stamp} 19 - 31. APR 1 - rest of diary {blank}
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