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Monday, January 12 June 8th. A very warm day after a fine shower last night. David Currie of the Glen came to herd cows for us. 9.. Sowed about an acre of corn in field south of the pig pen. part sweet corn & some flint & White sap corn mixed. Sett out about 40 gladalio bulbs of Mr. McCormicks kind also some aster plants. In the evening I was treated to a very pleasant surprise when the members of our Sunday School gathered at Mrs Cornwells to celebrate my birthday. We had music and games with lunch and lemonade afterwards, but where the biggest surprise came was that before they left an address was read and they presented me with a very fine Leather Hand Bag. They seemed grateful that I had opened my home for the Sunday School, while in reality I have been getting the best of it myself. For I have enjoyed having them come and the oppertunity of having a class to teach each week has been a great help to me, and while the gift itself was beautiful indeed, yet perhaps it was "The thought that prompts it makes it dear" as someone had written and I hope that I shall always be better and stronger for the confidence which they placed in me in the cause which is so dear to my heart, but words are poor things indeed to express ones feelings when your friends place such confidence in you.

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