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Thursday, January 15 July 1st. Cut Lucerne in far hollow .. 2nd. Finished cultivating corn 2nd time. Shook up the hay (after some heavy rains). .. 3rd. Mr. Johnson came to help me draw in hay and Bob McDonald's man came for half a day. Took cement blocke back to Simons in the evening. .. 4th. Finished drawing in hay off hill north of the house it was a fine crop there being ten loads. .. 5.. Isa. Rosie & Horace Sharp came over to Sunday School and stayed for tea we had a nice visit together. .. 6.. Sowed 1/2 acre of new century turnips (Picked 1st sweet peas) & 3/4 acre of Grey stone turnips for fall feeding for the cows. .. 7.. R McDonalds man helped draw in hay in afternoon. .. 8.. Cut clover at east end of 14 acre field in the forenoon Mr & Mrs Roger went to Toronto and Mary Bell and children came in the evening for a visit. 9.. Fixed fence at Cunninghams and Austrian from the Lake came to help me with the hay. .. 11.. Drew in 6 loads of mixed hay from east end of 14 acre field. Jean and the little folks came for a visit. .. 12.. Elwin Stewart and his wife came for tea and stayed the evening. .. 13 A fine rain in the morning, cultivated the turnips first time Went to McDonalds in the evening to say Goodbye to Jennie who's wedding was on the 13th and to take her some flowers .. 14.. Mr & Mrs M. Lewis came to work. Came from Toronto. .. 15.. Started to thin the turnips

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