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Friday, January 16 July 18th Finished drawing in hay off field next Dalzells, 11 loads. .. 19.. Mr & Mrs Tramy and children came in their Auto from Berlin. .. 21st Drew 3 loads of hay to Wolfe Bro's & me to cement works. 2 Mr Johnson came and helped to draw in hay. .. 22 Finished drawing in hay from young orchard15 loads making 47 loads of hay alltogether. Started to cut Johnsons wheat in the afternoon. .. 23 Cultivated mangels and corn, the corn being fine crop and many places higher than my shoulders. A nice shower in the morning. .. 25.. Finished cutting wheat in Clump field a poor crop. made a bonfire in the evening in orchard by the road. .. 26.. A beautiful, Mary B & I drove to Ayn to have a visit with J. Dalzell and{a blue ink smudge} his wife and drove home by Paris in the evening. .. 27.. Cut barley in 3 acre field in forenoon and started to cut mixed grain and Alaska oats in the afternoon .. 28.. Finished cutting mixed grain (A good crop) Bessie made a party for Aggie and Maurguerite inviting all the little folks around. I borrowed H. Cunninghams camera and took a few snap shots of them and the girls. .. 29.. Brought the white heifer home from the bush .. 30.. Drew in wheat from clump field 6 1/3 loads. Sprayed the potatoes & some of the young trees in the evening.

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