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Sunday, January 18 1914 Aug 12th. Drew in barley 4 loads off 3 acre field Mr & Mrs Coates came for tea and to spend the evening .. 14.. A very nice rain yesterday and last night which freshened things up very much although it did not go very deep, perhaps about three inches. .. Started to plow for fall wheat and finished hoeing Turnips the second time. Sprayed the young apple trees, for insects which were eating the leaves and a sort of rust blight on them. .. 12.. The white heifer had a little steer calf (white). .. 18.. Quite a heavy rain last night, took remainder of baled hay to Paris. Finished hoeing potatoes etc. .. 19.. Went to St. George in the afternoon and on the Branch to taking tea with Mrs Adams and making a short call at Scotts .. 20.. A very wet day which gave us a chance to get a lot of odd jobs done. Slipped some geraniums. .. 21 Helped Dalzells and H. Cunningham to thresh .. Franklin to thresh in the afternoon .. 23 Margaret Piffer and I drove to Brantford in the evening {ink splat/water drop} .. 24 Finished drawing in oats 15 1/3 loads ^no72 off back 10 acre field and 4 loads from top of hill to the north. Nellie D and I have over to Croziers for the evening. .. 27 R. Robertson and I went to Flower show at Paris in the evening it was fine .. 28 Brought 2 heifers home from the bush. the Holstion had a fine heifer calf. (A wet day a very fine rain.)

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