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21 Wednesday, January 21 1914 Sept 29th. Drew 2 loads of hay to the stable at the cement works. Oct 2nd. Went to Galt Fair having dinner with Mr & Mrs Buchanan Took a dog skin to the town any to get a pair of gauntlets made. . 3rd Went to Uncle Charlie Stewarts funeral in the afternoon Mother came up from Brantford and went with me. .. 4th .. Went to Anniversary Services in the Baptist Church St George in the evening. .. 5 .. Went to Brantford in the afternoon, taking a load of apples etc. to Mrs Ritchies brought a wash-stand home which Mother gave me - 7 - Finished picking stones off Lucerne meadow (north hill) about 8 loads of small stones in all. Went to Prayer meeting at R Aithins in the evening. .. 8 - Bought of W. Coates 6 hyacinth bulbs 25 cts & 1 doz narcissus etc. 25ยข .. 9 .. Nelson Franklin started to cut the corn with the binder .. 10 .. A very heavy rain in the afternoon. .. 12 .. Thanksgiving Day, the weather was ideal. Mother, Katie and Gordon & the baby came up for the day Black cow (Suzie) had a little calf. .. .. Started to fill the silo and finished about ten O'Clock on Tues. The silo was heaped up and a few loads left, besides an acre of on corn. The corn went in in fine shape, well matured and well eared. .. 13 .. Helped R. McDonald to fill his silo and draw in the citrons, pumpkins & squash. Helped Mr Reed to fill his silo.

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