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Thursday, January 22 1914. Oct 15th. Help Collins to fill their silo, and finished setting up the ear corn, south of the pig pen. Went to a reception in the Parish Hall Paris in the evening. . 16.. Went to the Glen at night when Mr Good was present to try and organize a Farmers Club, but as it had been a wet day not many were present, allthough Mr Good {under watermark} a splendid talk on the work. ..17.. Went to the bush in the afternoon to fix the fence, ..18.. A very fine day, On account of Angus being sick in bed we held the S.S. in the sitting room. ..19.. Started to pull mangels. ..20.. Went to an Executive meeting at the Presby Church St. George in the evening. ..21.. Finished drawing in mangels, 7 loads putting them all in the pig pen. Started to dig potatoes. ..24.. A light rain in the morning after a week of ideal summer weather, Sent a box of apples & flowers to Jean with Eva G. ..26.. A cold windy day with a very hard frost at night which froze all the flowers, it being the first hard frost, the dahlias were in full bloom yet, picked the last of the roses ..28.. Finished digging potatoes, about 265 sacks in all from 2 acre in the creek field, They were nice clean potatoes. Brought the last of the young cattle home from the bush. ..29.. Went to Harrisburg with a load of pigs. A very wet day. ..30.. Started to pick apples in the lower orchard.

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