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== Thursday January 29 == Feb. 19th. and sent out the {refrost?} blanks for the S.S. Assocation. Mr, Walter came from Langford for Bessie's piano and Willie Galbraith went on for a Langford with him. Coming back by the Electric railway, we went to Simons for the evening. " 21st Willie G. and I went to Franklins for the evening. " 22nd Willie went to the Glen for a event. " 23rd A very wet day, raining quite steady all day. "24 " Willie and I took dinner at Uncle Tom Sharps and I went to a S.S. executive meeting in the evening. {?} gave a fine report. "26 " Willy G went home to St. Marys "27 " Went to County Executive Meeting at Brantford to arrange dates for our township Conventions and general business. Came home by Uncle Andrews and stayed for tea. March 1st. A beautiful clear day, went to St. George to get a load of feed corn, and helped Frank Reid to kill a pig in the afternoon. "2nd Cleaned up seed-oats in the morning "3rd Helped R. McDonald to draw in ice "4th Took load of furniture to Brantford for Cornwalle " 6 " Quite a fall from our last night, making the sleighing much better. Went to Mr. John McDonalds funeral, it being the first time that I had ever been at a R.C. funeral. Called at {illegible} on the road home. "9" Bessie & Angus sent their last load of furniture away. "10" Went to Galt with a load of apples getting {15?} cents per load for the Spys and 60 cents for the Greenings.

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