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== Friday, January 30== Mar.13th Bessie and Marjorie went to their new home in Langford after having tried here for 3 yrs, we were all very sorry to see them go but they have all our good wishes in their new home. " " Williamsons moved back again, having hired Bert for another year @ $3.00 cash, fruit, potatoes & vegetables, a pig in the fall and a cow kept while I pay them $2.50 for my board & 15 cents per meal for extra help. "14" Called on Mr. & Mrs. A. Wolfe in the evening as they were about to move to their new home near Berlin. "15 Drew 2 loads of hay to cement works "16 Borrowed 2 jacks from cement works and raised a beam in the stable that had been settling to low. "17 Went to Brantford taking Cornwells cows & calf also his seed oats and some turnips. met his brother at Brantford. Sent $25.00 to {Row?} C.R. Morr our being offering from our township for the {illegible} fund. "18 Sold 1 sow to A. Christon {illegible} 430 @ $6.35 "19 Shipped 10 R.F. Red eggs to E. Clarkson, Toronto @ $4.00 per cart. "20 Finished moving Williamsons things up from Blain farm. "21 Went over to Mrs. {Cryiese?} for tea, to spend the evening with Ada and her husband before they went to their new home. "22 Went to Douglass McCreas sake in the afternoon "23 Drove to Galt in the afternoon. Ordered enough {illegible} roofing (7 squares) to enter south side of pig-pen, from his L. Sharty

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