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33 == Monday, February 2 == Apr 26th. Sowed timothy and red clover on crack field. {Name?} + Roy Franklin came for dinner. " 27 " Drew a load of hay over to the lake. " 28 " Shipped 2 bags of potatoes to W.{illegible} St.Marys and brought home shrubs from Hort. {illegible}. 1 {illegible} 1 {illegible} Rose. 2 From Carl Douschki of 1 Which Brunner " 29 " Turned colder to day after a week of very warm weather almost like July instead of April. May 1st Sowed mixed grain (Alaskas Oat, &{illegible}) on centre east field. 2nd Called on our new neighbors Mr + Mrs Laughlin who had just come on the Franklin place. " 3rd A very nice rain in the evening " 4th. A rather wet day. sell out 12 {illegible} apple trees also 4 {illegible} 3 {illegible} Red and 1 {illegible} also 2 yel. St John peach tree ' 5 " Went to a "bee" at Pres. Church St. George drawing gravel for driveway to sheds and rep.sheds etc. " 6. 55 chickens hatched out all {illegible}. Planted nasturtium + sell out first {illegible}. " 7 " A very fine rain, raining nearly all day, it was very welcome as the ground was getting quite dry, it was our first spring rain the seeding having gone in in ideal {illegible}. " 8" Sold large which hog to Simons for sixteen dollars. " 10. Finished plowing hill for {illegible}, Large ran cow had a little {illegible} calf ({calf name?})cultivated on {illegible} ground. Mr {Name?} + I drove to Bran{illegible} in the evening

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