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1915 May 10th. To attend a meeting of the programe committie at the home of the I.Keligice 11th. Talked to J.Crosom of Colbourg by phone in the evening. 12. Turned the ears on to the road the first time Fred Hestings came to heard the .. Look young cattle book to the bush, ten of them.Two {illigible} 13. Went to E.Leningtons raising in the afternoon and drove to Brangfort at night. 14. Sowed the mangels in 14 fields {illigeble} 15. Murmurd and plowed the garden and sett out a patch of resbarries. Ongus came up for his last load of moving. 17. Started to drave manure to corn ground. Dhallie D. and I went to Preshy Yeldish the evening when the young people of Raric came over in auto for a visit. They giving a plendid programe after which Stanled Yeldid entertained them to lunch. Sett out strwberry plant. 19. Two 2 colts Charlie Laueen over to Miss Champs Bush to pasture. Bob and Odethel Crigiel came over for the evening.

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