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{40 printed in top left hand corner of page} Monday, February 9 1915 Aug 7th. Put arsonate of lead solution on potatoes in the morning, and cut Alaska oats in creek field. .. Cut No 3. T Alaska plots of experimental oats, they should have been cut nearly a week before but owing to the wet weather it was almost impossible there were 7 good sheafes in each plot. ..8.. A very wet Sunday, went to Greens in the evening to see Bessie and Marjory Cornwell. ..9.. Finished cut Alaska Oats. Drove to Paris in evening for {illegible} ..10.. Cut mixed grain on hill next Cunninghams ..11.. Finished cutting Oats in 14 acre field, A good crop. ..12.. A heavy rain in the morning. Threshed Alaska & No 3. plots of oats, the Alaska weighed with straw 75 lbs grain 25 lbs and the No. 3, 60 lbs in all & 28 lbs of grain. Cultivated Turnips in the afternoon. ..13.. Went to cut Jack McDonalds oats in afternoon. ..14.. Finished cutting J. McD. oats and put the binder away. ..17.. Drew in Alaska Oats 8 loads ^18 Drew in mixed grain 5 loads ..21.. Threshers came at noon but it came a heavy rain about 5 O'clock so we did not finish until Mon. morning. ..23.. Threshed a Johnsons. ..24.. " " H. Cunninghams and McLaughlins. ..27.. Mr & Mrs A. Gillispie came down for flowers for their Red Cross day at Glen morris and in the evening a load of us went up in the hay rack.

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