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== Tuesday, February 10 == === Aug 28th === Finished drawing in oats 14 loads off {1400?} field. Went to {Flower?} Show at {Pares?} in the evening. === ..31st. === Left for the West, taking a {Home?} {illegible} {illegible} {illegible} to Calgary {illegible} {M.J.R.?} through {illegible} to Winnipeg and to Calgary by way of Edmonton. Can {hational?} .R. Arrived in Winnipeg after dinner and went to {illegible} Howells for a few days, before going on by C.P.R. to {Bossiwain?} to visit at Uncle {Willst?} aunt Billis took several trips out in the country with him as he went on his rounds as {illegble} surgeon then spent a few weeks, working out in the country at mr. Hendorsons, who had a large farm, it rained a lot while there, but I learned a lot about the {illegible} black sail and their methods of doing things. On the way back to Winnipeg I spent a few days at Uncle {illegible} in Pilot Mound. After returning to Winnipeg, took the train for Calgary, via Edmonton, spending a night there at a hotel. Uncle {Jack?} {Archibald?} met me in Calgary and spent a fine week there with Aunt Bella + the boys. Took the C.P.R. train early one morning and spent a day at Banff., visiting the museum,cave + basin as well as the hot-springs, and climbed {illegible} {illegible} and ate my lunch up there before coming down for a bath at the hot-springs.

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