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== Thursday, February 12th == Oct 29th Finished drawing in mangels about 26 loads in all Whitie had a little white calf. 30 Setting up the corn in back 10 acre field 31st First Sunday at S.S. after my visit and it was good to see all the old faces again, although I could not teach an account of having lost my voice. In the sudden change back to our rather moist {illegible} climate. Nov 1st Finished helping R. Mc Donald & H. Cunning {illegible} at threshing. 2nd Drawing in {illegible} Turnips 15 loads in all. 3nd Started fall plowing in field next Dalgells barn. 5th Finished picking apples about ten barrels of {illegible} apples (mostly {illegible}.) 6 Holstrom cow had a very small calf (block.) 8 Drew in potatoes from the pits, just 2 load from 2 acres. 9 Brought 1 young cattle home from the bush. 10 Finished putting up new barb wire fence south of 14 acres. 11 Went to Branford to Country S.S. Executive meeting 12 A few of us met at Mr & Mrs {illegible} to arrange for our week night meetings for the winter, when the business was over Mrs Mr {illegible} served lunch and a pleasant social hour was spent. 15 Clipped major in the morning. it turned cold and stormy in the afternoon with a real hard frost at night. 18 Held Social Evening at Mr + Mrs Johnsons, which was the first of our week-night meetings for the winter. 19 Finished plowing in field next Dalgells barn. 18 Sold 2 cattle to Banker 2160 lbs @ {price?}

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