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== Saturday, February 14 == Dec 13th helped {illegible} refill their silos. 14 Started to draw turnips to Paris and went to reception in the evening, given the soldier boys at {illegible} 15 Bought two {illegible} from {illegible} Durham @ $1.05 each. 16 Took a load (sleigh) over to Kitchens School to their Christmas and Patriote Supper + Concert, it was splendid. 17 Rather a wet day, washed the buggy and helped Johnsons to {kill?} pigs. 18 Drove Mr + Mrs Young to Paris Station. 20 Finished drawing turnips to Paris 253 - 40 bus @ 15ยข per 50 lbs. 21 Picked geese in the morning, and the thresher came in the afternoon, 100 {illegible} of oats + barley. 98 {illegible} and about 275 of Alaska Oats. 22nd Drove to Brantford, Miss Mr {illegible} going along as eve were getting socks gloves etc. for the Soldier Boys who had gone from the Lake and also, candies etc. for the Xmas Social evening. A rather stormy day. Drove to Langford in the evening and spent the night with Bessie + Angus Cornwell. 23rd Had our annual Social Evening in the S.S. {illegible}. Jas Aitkin was chairman, after a few games a sport but interesting programs was given, when I was given a very sudden surprise in being presented with a beautiful arm chair from the Sunday School after which lunch was served, ending with oranges + candy

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