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{50 printed in top left hand corner of page} Thursday, February 19 1916 Feb 28th. Went to Social Evening at Presby Terian church At. George when Mr & Mrs J. Greenfield were presented with a Parlor Sett. Two chairs one seetie & 1 table. ..29.. Drew two loads of Timothy Hay to Cement works. Mar 3rd Went to Mr. Lee for tea and we drove to Elonia to hear the Play "Southern Cinderella" given by the womens Institute of Falkland. it was splendid. ..7th. About forty of us went to the Glen in sleigh loads to their {Patrectie?} meeting when Blue Lake had been {asking?} to give the programme and the debate we hold here early in January. The negative winning this time, afterwards the ladies of the Glen entertained us right loyaly to a dainty lunch. ..9. A couple of slieght loads went to Brantford to spend a Social Evening at Mr. & Mrs. Rodgers. it proved a very stormy night but they all got home safely as I had a very bad cold I did not go and was quite glad of it afterwards. ..12.. Drove to Greens after church and stayed for dinner. ..17.. Went to {Nanay?} Griers Funeral in the afternoon and drove to Paris in the evening. ..18.. Drove to Brantford with the sleigh, getting a barrel of broken biscuits also doing some important business at J. Young ..21 Went to Pioneer Social at Glen Morris, taking a sleigh load. The costumes were quaint and some very pretty who the programme and lunch were served in pioneer style.

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