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{ 53 written in the top right corner} == Sunday February 22 == April 23rd. Red sow had 15 little pigs 11 lived. 24th 35 chickens hatched out. Started to cultivate. 28 " Helped R. McDonald to plow in afternoon. 29 " Sowed field next Dayelle barn with {illegible} {roll oats?}. " 30 " Ms A. C. Lee drove E. S. {illegible} to Wolverton in his car, it being a lovely evening and very mild, it was a very pleasant trip. May 1st Took 2 cattle to Paris in the morning to T. Dunn, 1 heifer 1056 lbs at 89, 1 ster 960 @ 7 1/2 9. Shipped 10 {illegible} Alaska {oats?} to Q. Franklin and 4 {illegible} to S. J. Miller " " Drove to St. George in afternoon to get seeds from Ruth's Toronto " 3rd A heavy rain last night and raining afternoon. Replaced and sett out 4 rows of raspberries on side hill . Sowed sweet peas (Spencer) and sett out new rose bushes 2 Frau Karl Druschki white , Mrs John Laing Pink. 1 {illegible} Brunner Red & 1 {Gen. Kackque minot?} Red. " 4th Finished helping R. McDonald plow his corn ground. "5" Drove to Brantford in the evening, going by Paris. "6" Sowed mixed grain barley and Alaska Oats in back 10 acres fields "8" A very heav rain in the morning. Went to Griers and to St. George to get fruit trees (2 Waites Seedling & 6 Spys 1 P. {illegible}. Went to Mr. Morsley Howells in the evening, where a meeting of the S.S.C. programe committee was held, called at Glen for Miss {Cournish?} " 10 " Raining all forenoon, {put?} some gladiolus to front. Put {Muriseo?} on ceiling of veranda and sowed clover seeds on back ten-acre field. 11. Mr. Farquharem came for tea and Prayer Meeting.

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