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Monday, March 9 1917 April 2nd Earl came home from Cleveland in the evening. .. 3rd A hard frost last night, drew out manure in the forenoon and sett the goose on 13 eggs. .. 4th Geo tKeir came for 50 bus alaska seed oats in the afternoon Mr & Mrs Lee and Mrs Ryan came over for a visit. .. 5.. Edith & I went to Mr Pettigrews farewell gathering at the Glen, for dinner and to spend the afternoon as nearly all the members of the Presbytery were there, and although the day was very wet, yet the hall was crowded. Recieved seeds from Bruces. .. 6th Put up new wire fence back of shop, for chicken yard. Simmons came down in afternoon and we dehorned 5 of the older calfs. Rather a wet dreary day for Good Friday. Herb brought a Hundred of Sugar rfom St. George for us. .. 7 .. Sowed seeds in Hot-bed in the afternoon. Sett 3 hens on R. J. Red eggs (45 eggs) .. 8.. Easter Sunday and a very nice day, we went to Paris methodist church in the evening. .. 9 .. A very hard frost last night, drew out manure all day. .. 10 .. Went to Ellene Johnsons Birthday Party in the evening .. 11.. Started to shingle half of store house. .. 12 .. Mr Johnson & Jack McDonald helped to shingle .. 13 A cold day took a load of wheat to Paris at $1.90 .. 14 .. Mr Johnson came to help us finish shingle the house, rather a cold day.

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