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Thursday, March 12 May 24th A very cold and wet day for a holiday. We drove to Paris in the afternoon and helped George for a little while, with taking dirt out of his cellar. (digging cellar) Fred Archibald came up for a few days visit. .. 26 .. Finished manuring field next Dalzells for corn. Sowed nearly an acre of mangels at north side of young orchard. Bruce's Sugar Mangels & Yellow {mites?} also some Early corn & Peas. .. 28. Borrowed H. Cunninghams double-furrow plow for corn ground. .. 31st Helped George Lee to move in the afternoon. A very heavy rain at night. June 1st Finished plowing corn ground and went to Aunt Essie for tea. Bought 50 Climary strawberry plants for Simmons. .. 2nd Sprayed part of the trees for the 2nd spraying. .. 3rd Ade & Bob Veal came over for a visit .. 4th Started to sow corn in the afternoon about 75 young chickens hatched out all R.P.R. .. 5th A very wet day. Started to paint parlor floor and helped to clean the kitchen. Mr & Mrs H. Boakes came over in the afternoon for some tomato plants. Sett out over 20 cabbage and about 100 tomato plants .. 7 . Mother and Gorgon came for dinner and a little visit. Mother brought a box of extra fine Petunias .. 9 .. A very nice day for a Birthday. Lueen had a fine little colt last night. "Fan" Finished sowing corn in field next Dalzells.

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