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== Thursday, March 26 1918== June 11th Drover over to {illegible} for dinner and went S.S convention in {Moydes?} }Sohod?} in the afternoon. 14th. Went to our own Convention at {Mauis?} Church, it was a fine day and all aorund it was a splendid Convention. 16 {Cathy?} {illegible} + went down to {illegible} to spent the day with {illegible}. 17 Started to cultivate corn the first time. 18- Swed how Antony turnips in the afternoon. 20- Finished {hoing?} {mangels?} they were a good catch. Saved some more peas and carrot seed. 21- Went to Paris to Registers a very heavy rain but one which did a great deal of good. 22- Finished cutting thistles and dock out of a rain in {illegible} field. 23- Baptismal Services were held in hthe Presbyterian Church St. George when we had {illegible} baptised, {illegible} + {illegible} as the {illegible} 2nd girl was also baptised 24- Did our {illegible} work, drew {cinders?} from the Lake to the big hill. 25- Started to cut hay in he afternoon. ({illegible}) 26. Mr + Mrs {Cootie?} and family came out for tea, and the evening. 27. mr + mrs {Lee?} and Mary Love came over for a visit {Don Galley started to herd {illegible}?} Finished cultivating corn the second time. 28- Saved {illegible} turnips about {2/4?} of an acre. {Froud?} Archibold came for a visit from Hamilton. 29- Finished drawing in {illegible} off north hill 5 loads 30- Drove over to Bob Veals in the evening July 2nd Saved Oats and sugar-cane at foot of north hill for pasture. Went to Johnsons in the evening to help arrange for Garden Party.

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