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Sept 12 Finished threshing in the morning. 15 10 {bus?} in all. 16 {bus?} of wheat. 50 of {no 3 Oats?}. 5.80 {late?} oats + 8.25 {bus?} of mixed grain. {13th?} Bought of {illegible} calf from Grandpa - 14 Started to sow wheat in 14 acre field. {illegible} - 15 {Deer?} Rally day at S.S. but as it had ben a heavy rain the attendance was not quite as large as usual but good for the day. Mr {F.?} Rosbrough and Mr H.W. Boukes visited and addressed our S.S. Mr Boukes and family staying for tea. Miss Gestie Lumm came out for the day. - 16. School Fair day at St. George - 17 - Finished sowing fall wheat in 14 acre field. - 19. Went to Paris S.S. Convention in the afternoon and we went to Mr+MRs W. Crote for tea. Fred Archibald went home. - 20 Finished putting up new fence on East + South sides of 3 acre field. - 24 - George Lee + family + Lillovitte Miller + little folks came over for a visit - 25. Dan Forbes + I went to Niagara on the Lake for the Day - 24 - A Township Executive Metting was held here, there were eight present, and we talked over the best methods {fearseig?} out our work for the coming year - 26 - Helped Ryecrofts to finish threshing + started to pick St. Lawrence {illegible} - 27 - Went to Paris Show in the afternoon, a fine day and a good Fair - 28 - Went to S.S. Executive Meeting in Brantford - 29 - Went over to Wiens in the evening for tea. - 30 - Mr I. Stewart came to paint the S.S. room {ote?} {Went to Anniversary Event at the Glen {illegible} gave a fine {illegible} Oct 1st. {First?} hand frost. Started to cut the corn with new {binder?} - 2nd A wet morning cleaned out young cattle stabing getting ready for {illegible} - 4th Finished cutting corn and put the event {binder?} away

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