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== Tuesday, March 31 == 1918 Oct 5th Helped Ryecrofts to fill their silo. 6 We went to Glen Church as all the churches in St. George were closed on account of Spanish {illegible] 7 Helped Frank Reed to fill his silo Mr Isacc Stewart finished painting the Sunday School rooms and the hall, which made a great improvement. 8 Scott {last name?} came to fill the silo, filled heaping full with an acre of corn {illegible} 9 Helped Hartleys fill their silo in the forenoon and Bob Aitkin in the afternoon. 14 Helped Simons to fill their silo Thanksgiving day. 10 Don + Marguerite {Maller?} + Louise came up for Thanksgiving and to help did potatoes 11 Took apples to {illegible} mills to get cider made. 12th Started to dig potatoes 15 Finished digging potatoes about 100 bags of real fine potatoes Started to draw gravel from Frank Reeds 18 Finished drawing gravel for cementing stables, 28 loads. 19 Borrowed water tank from Holmans + started to plow for corn 21 Alf Forbes came with cement mixer to cement the stables Helped H. Cunningham to thresh in the afternoon 22 Marguerite, Louise + Don went home 27 Went to Grandpa Leir and to Will Millers in the afternoon 28 A wet morning, picked apples in the afternoon 29 Started to pull turnips in the afternoon 30 Finished cementing the stables using 81 sacks of cement 31 Started to draw turnips to the Glen. Nov 3rd Went over to George Millers for dinner. Black sow had ten spotted little pigs.

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