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== Wednesday, April 1 == Nov 5th Finished loading can of turnips at the Glen 6 drawing in mangels to double {illegible} loads 10 Will + {name?} Miller came over for a little visit 11 Went to Brantford to attend the Jury, and as the Armistice Terms had been signed in the morning (realy meaning that a Declaration of Peace) there were great doings in the city, a day which will never ben forgotten by those who lived to see it. 12 Dan went to Greens threshing in the forenoon 14 Helped Watson Mr. {last name?} to thresh 15 Home from Brantford after spending 5 days on the Petit Jury. 3 days on the Ducan murder case and {illegible} case. 16 Simons started to thresh. brought in beets + carrots 17 A Grand reopening of our S.S. Mr Ms Cremmons of Glen morris and Mr Banke of St George were the speakers and the attendance was good in spite of it being a wet day. 18 On Monday Evening we had a supper and a splendid concert, Mr Husky of Brantford gave a fine talk on the war etc. while Rheda Sharp gave the good readings, J. Aitkin and others furnished some fine local {illegible}. 20 Sold 1 cow to J. Wallose 1110 lbs @7¢ + 5 pigs 1070 lbs @ 17 1/2¢ 21 Went to Brantford to get a new H.P gasline engine at G. S.t {illegible}. also got 5 bags of Nothern grown seed potatoes 4 Grown Mountain and one of Fresh Cobler 22 Went to Sam Foulds and bought 9 little pigs 2 1/2 {illegible} old for $65 and also 1 {illegible} heifer calf from Leah Clark for $10.00

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