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Thursday, April 2 1918 Nov 29th Brought 11 young cattle home from the bush. .. 30 .. May Lemon went home after having worked here for 3 mon Dec 3rd Finished spreading manure on mangel ground at foot of north hill .. 4th .. Went to sale of Holstien cattle at S. G. & Earl Kitchens .. 5 .. Went to Nelson Robsons Funeral in the afternoon. .. 6 .. Finished drawing posts (1.04) from R. Robertson $21.00 .. 14 .. Plowed nearly all week when it was not raining. .. 16 .. Went to S.S. County Council meeting in the Y.M.C.A Brantford Rev. T. A. Halpenny came two fine address. .. 17 Finished plowing corn stubble in clump field. .. 18 Finished drawing in the last of the corn stalks .. 21 Took 8 geese to Brantford market, they were not very heavy and their were a lot on the market. Sold to M. Cordon for $17.00 .. 23 Plowed all day .. 24th Finished plowing in the morning the day turned quite stormy afterwards. .. 25th Took the sleigh and went over to Grandpa Lees for our Xmas dinner, we had planned on having the gathering here but Grandpa had been sick and was notable to come. We all enjoyed the day and especially Leone, and Santa was real good to us all. .. 26 .. Went to school-meeting in the forenoon. .. 27 .. Held out S.S. Xmas entertainment in the evening games and a good programe were provided after which came lunch and then the Xmas tree which was the delight of all the little folks.

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