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1919 Jan 1st. Edith, Leme, & I went to Will Millers for {illegible} dinner and to {illegible} for tea and for the evening. It rained quite hard in the afternoon{illegible} - 2nd. Went to {?} for John Rmald's funeral in the afternoon - 3rd. Almost finished digging {first?} holes for new wire fence on east {illegible} lane. - 4th. Drew with the {illegible} front fence along the lane {illegible} - 5 - Even {illegible} came {illegible} from Brantford for a visit - 6. Election Day when {illegible} Hall. John Miller. Duncan McPherson and John Sayles were elected as town {illegible} Fred Rosch {giving in?} for Reeve by acclaimation {illegible} came in for a little {illegible} 8 Cleaned out {illegible}-stall and stashed to draw {illegible} to the fields - 9+10 Very windy days, got a lot of odd jobs done. - 12th Went to church at the {illegible} in the morning to hear Mr Bengough of Toronto preach on temperance {illegible} - 13 - Mr Eastman of Guelph came to {illegible} and also {illegible} the S.S. {illegible} -14 - We went to Paris at night to hear Mr. Rivers Choir {illegible} and the Maple leaf {illegible} in the {illegible} church - 16 Edith + I went to Dr {Barnes?} to have some {illegible} filled. -17 Heard the sad news that {Hilsie Rohald?} had died suddenly of the Flu of double {illegible} -18 Bought a new {illegible} 13 1/2 the price {illegible} for $3.50 -20 Went to H. {illegible} home for {illegible} saw + {illegible} grain grinder

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