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1919 Feb 18th Held Prayer {meeting?} here, about {12 or 13?} present. 19 - Edith was quite ill and Dr. {Danton?} came out to see her saying that she must stay in bed {in?} four days. - 20 - {Elline?} Johnson came over to help for the day. - 25 - Took 4 bags of {illegible} to Paris @ 1.35 per bag - 26 - A. {Robertson?} wedding day, a fine day, but some what cold. - 27 - {Ms M.e?} Grimm of {illegible} came down to Prayer-Meeting - 28 - A very fine warm day after a fine mild month Mar 2nd {Will + Lellovette?} Miller came {illegible} for a visit - 5th Took {wrething?} over to Mrs Reynols and bought a new {Rhode Island Rooster?} from Roy Collins farm, -6 - Went to a Shower for R. {Robestom?} and his Bride who had just returned from their wedding {illegible}, those were about {as?} present and a very enjoyable evening {illegible} - 9. {John?} McDonald and Mr + Mrs R. {Robestom?} stayed for tea after Sunday School. - 11 . Went to Social Evening at Mr + Mrs Simons in the {illegible} these were {illegible} and there was a {illegible} - 12 - Gordon {Griesem?} bought a horse {with?} to {illegible} - 13 - Went to Will McCormicks {illegible} in the afternoon -14 - A very strong east wind all day. - 15 - Went to {illegible} {C. Potewell?} a {illegible} in the afternoon - 17 . A very wet day. 18th Started to {illegible}. Still have {cut off} - 19th {illegible} Lee went to the bush to tap the maple tree - 20 - Edith, Leme + I went to Social {+ Cment?} at {Retefens?} School.

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