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May 15th Took 12 young cattle back to the bush to {pasture?}. Edith went to {Hanama?} {illegible} at the Glen - 16 Started to draw {manure with?} the {...der?} - 17 Went to Jim Aitkins for a {second?} load of straw - 18 Edith. Leme + I went to Sunday School Anniversary in the Methodist Church. {Picnic?}, Went to {illegible} for dinner. - 19 {Drove?} to Galt in the afternoon, and stopped at {Millers?} for tea - 20 A very heavy rain last night a rather a wet day. - 22 Went to Brantford in the afternoon to exchange {1 1/2 P. Esquire?} $130.00 for 4 1/2 H.P Hasoline + {Heso... Enquire?} @ $300.00 - 24 - Edith, Leme + I went to a family reunion at Uncle Tom {Sharpe?}. {Mayme?} + the three {y magnet?} children {came came?} for a little visit. - 25 - We all went to the Anniversary Services in the {Presly?} {illegible} - 26 Sowed the {mangels?} at foot of {north hill?} also some early Peas + Corn. 4 {rows?} of sugar {m angel?} and the root of yellow {Hanter...}. - 28th This was the day of the {illegible} and {illegible} meeting {here?}. Mrs {Lovue?} of Toronto was the Speaker. Mr + Mrs {P. Jh.?} Lee and Ella came over for the day. Grandpa made a new {stone?}-boat. Blasted 2 {stones?} and {illegible} in the {illegible} ground field and started to {illegible}. - 29 - Mr Wilkes and an {exhest?} from Brantford came to {for?} the new garden + {illegible} engline with was not working right. Sole Bess to Mr {Charlie Dusham?} from Paris + took her in to {station?} June 4th. Finished sowing corn in {illegible} East fiels, Sowed {illegible} hot + Early {illegible} A very hot day

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