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1919 {looks like they orignally wrote 8 but overlined it with 9} 4th Dolly + Bessie came out at night to {spend?} Sunday. June 9th. This was the day of our S.S {Convention?} at the Methodist Church, St. George, it was a fine day and the {illegible} as well as the speakers were fine. {illegible} collins were {found?} with a {lifetime membership?} {illegible} to the {illegible} as well as a handsome {bought of Creatons?} - 11th {Queen?} had a nice little {colt?} this morning. - 13 - Leslie {Howell?} came up for a visit on his way home from France, {avery?} hearing thunderstorm in {afternoon?} - 14 - Started to plant {potatoes?} in both of {illegible} hill field. Mr + Mrs {Teakle?} of Brantford came out for the day. - 15 Mr + Mrs {Buefe?} of St. George called for us {pond stock in?} to {Millane} with them in their {illegible}. - 16 Finished planting potatoes, about 1 1/2 acreas. 4 {illegible} of Irish {illegible} to south side, 18 1/2 row {Glen Montain?} {illegible} and the rest of {Sin Mattes Raleigh?}? - 18 Jim Sharpe wedding-day. A very fine day, the wedding was in the Church and there was a large attendance of guests, who afterwards went to Mr + Mrs {Frasers?} where a {dainty?} lunch + ice cream were served. - 19 Sowed {measly?} two acres of {illegible} on top of north hill. - 20 Borrowed H. Cumminghams {cultivator?} with {diaes for the mangels?}. - 21 {I finished?} the {mangels?} at {frat?} of north hill. The rain had washed them out badly. - 23. Took high {wagon down?} to {wagon-works} St. George - 24 To get the wheels out down, with new tires of some. Took {illegible} cattle down to {illegible} - 26 Sowed about an acre of corn on top of north hill. - 27 {Seems to have been stained a bit, looks like blood} Sowed the white turnips and a few more {illegible}

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