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June 28th. Cat {Lucesme?} on north hill a good fair {crop?}. - 29 - {Hest?} and Mrs Cummingham came with their {illegible} and took {illegible} to Woodstock, we had a very {illegible} day of {June?} 30th {line entirely illegible, squeezed between 06/30 and 07/01 entries} July 1st. Started to {draw?} in {illegible} hay. - 2nd. Shipped 8 hogs at Glen {moves?}, {illegible} each @ {2.29?} per {lb?}. 3rd. Went to {Mr?} Daniel {illegible} in the afternoon {illegible} - 4 - Drew 4 loads of hay off East hill and {put?} in the shed. Went to the bush in the afternoon to {illegible} {free?} {illegible} - 5 A very fine rain in the afternoon, which did a lot of {illegible}. {Tired of Josin?} Archibald came up from Hamilton and stayed over Sunday, {Jism?} was just on his way home from {Rramse?} where he had been. For {illegible} and came withough without a {hitch? word seems longer than that} - 4 {Mayme and Children?} came up to Paris + came out for some holidays - 7 Finished cultivating corn {and lime?}. - 12 Finished drawing in hay off south easy field 23 loads. - 14 Borrowed H. Cunninghams {cultivator?} with due's to cultivate {turnips?}. Mr {Morse of Manty? Manly?} came over in afternoon to help thin {turnips? tunnels?} - 15 Started to {cultivate?} in the afternoon. - 16 - Grandpa + Grandma Lee and {allest + illegible} from {Cleveland?}. Came over for the day and went to the S.S {pier?} at the Lake. Finished culling wheat in 14 acre field a good crop - 18 Finished culling hay in {6? 60?} acre field and {illegible} day the {red side?} - 19 {started this line significantly further right than his other lines} {illegible} in hay a {lode off young?} {illegible} in all. - 21 Helped in {pluck English cherries?} which was a splendid crop

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