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1919 Easter Sunday {Printed directly to book} July 22nd. Red cow died of a bad case of {Ganget? Garget?} and Gangrene having been sick for {mle?} a few days. {Best?} Williamson came up in the evening for some English Cherries - 23rd George and {Mme?} + family came over for the day. - 24th Finished drawing in wheat 20 1/2 loads off 14 {aese?} field. - 25 - Cut {illegible} fiels of mixed grain. - 30 - FInished cutting mixed grain and {ho3?} Oats in 3 acre field. {hoing mangels?} and turnips the {second?} time. {illegible} came down from Woodstock for a visit Aug 1 + 2nd. Performed {Statute?} Labor {something was crossed out, not too sure what} Side-road drew {evidence?} from {illegible}. Drew in wheat {illegible} 1 load of 14 acre field. - 3rd Drove over to {Millire?} after Sunday School for tea. - 4th Went with Simons to Mr {Forshawe?}'s funeral in the afternoon - 5 - Helped W Mr {Pherson?} + {Rye crofts?} to thresh. - 6 - Helped Simons to thresh Rye in the field. - 7 - Finished cutting Oats in back 10 acre fields + {put the birds? binds?} {something written underneath but cut off/completely illegible} - 8 - Drew in mixed grain off 3 acre field 3 1/2 loads + drew {manchet?} to {illegible} - 9 - {W...} Henderson came to thresh the wheat {315+} {illegible} off 14 acre field. Annie Williamson + Louise Hewett came for a visit. - 11 Finished drawing in Early Oats + mixed grain 6 1/2 loads off {illegible} field} - 12 Went to H. Cunninghams {thrashing?}. A fine rain at {night?} - 13 after several weeks of very dry weather. Helped Johnsons + {Bofe Aetlein?} to thrash - 14 Finished thrashing at {Hartleys?} another fine rain in the morning

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