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1919 Sept 19th. Edith, Leme + I went to the School {fair?} at St George in the afternoon and went to {Frasgutiavame? for tea. A very fine rain, at night {illegible} were much needed - 20th Helped {Walton?} McPherson to fill his silo - 22 Don came back after being sick for 2 weeks - 23 Went to H. Cunninghams for a {load?} of Oats. Helped R. {Aitkins?} to fill his silo. j. Airkins {+?} K. Robertson to fill silo's - 26 Went to Paris {grain?}, and Edith. Leme + I went to Guelph to visit Clarence + Marie staying until Sat. Evening - 28 Went to Anniversary Services at the Glen in the morning. - 29 Started to plow {for?} Turnips in 14 acre field. Oct 1st. Helped Mr Johnson to {put?} up his silo in afternoon. - 2nd Started to cut corn in the afternoon - 3rd Helped {Ryerofts?} to fill their silo. - 3 + 4th Helped {Hartteys?} + Johnson to fill their silos - 5th Communion Service at our Church St. George and {Rathy?} SUnday at our Sunday School Miss Butha Robson of the Glen gave a very fine talk on her work in India. Showing the {children?} how the people there, dressed and ate and {slap?} and also gave a good description of the {country?}. Mr + Mrs E. Schuost sang a fine Duet. Rev Mr McGrimm also assisted. There were about 70 people present and over $4.00 collection - 6 - Helped Frank Reid to fill his silo - 7 - Finished cutting the corn. Taking about 4 1/2 balls of {Turine?}

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