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Black sow had 11 little red + black pigs. Nov 27th Edits, Leme + I went to Miss Greens for the evening. - 28 - Edith went to Paris to have some {leath?} out Dr. Barson + Dr Dunton coming to {Ahak's?} to do it. - 29 - Rained all day and a very high wind at night. Which blew down {these+ fence. Learing?} off shingles and {illegible{ many barns, the worst storm {Roult?} has had for a long time. - 30 - A very cold windy day. had dinner with Ella + {Alosh?} Lee. Put young cattle in the stable the first time Dec 4 + 5 Drew 5 loads of turnips to the Glem 105 {bue?} at 5.9 per {bue?}. {illegible in between line} - 6 - Took {illegible} of Black {illegible} to the Glen to {illegible}. Opened the silo in the afternoon - 8 - Went to Paris in afternoon and stayed ar Grandpa Lees for tea. - 10 - Helped herb Sunningham in afternoon to get ready for his sale - 11 Went to Cunninghams sale in afternoon and sold ten {geese?} $3.13 cash and Maude {illegible} at $28.50 and bought a B.J. Little carrier + about 160 ft of track for ${illegible}. Went to Lemmingtons in the evening to {Womans Irrestible??????????} meeting - 12 Dan came back and we started to cut wood - 14 Gentleman + Lady from Kitchener got stalled with their Auto and spent the evening and had the {woth?} with us while the car was being repaired - 16 - {illegible} very cold winday day. Trimmed up the cattle. - 18 - Drove to the Glem and took the car to Galt to pay insurance - 20 - Went to Paris and brought home a new kitchen Sink. - 21 - Best {Williamson?} + Harry came up for a visit - 22 - Shipped 2 {bbls?{ of {illegible} to {illegible} Toronto

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