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1919 Dec 23rd. Went to Brantford in the afternoon, taking some potatoes to WIlliamsons and to Echo Plane and staying for tea with {illegible} + Hatherene, - 24 - Picked a {goose?} for Xmas dinner and {put?} in {our?} SInki {illegible in {illegible} - 25 - Went over to Grandpa Lee's for Xmas dinner, it was a full family reunion with a well laden Xmas tree - 26 Mr Johnson + Mr {Hartley?} came over to help saw a load of wood. {Hellie Dafgull?} came for a visit. - 29 - Held our Xmas {Social?} Evening in {connection?} with put S.S Stocking with {illegible} Candies + Oranges were given to the children, a good {programme?} was given with lunch at. - 30 - Will Miller and family came over for the {day?} and to help {kill?} {illegible}. We killed 2 {illegible} 169 lbs each. Went to the Glen in the evening to debate on the subject. {Readabout?} that free trade woild be a benefit to our Country. Jim Aitkin, R. Robertson, W. McPherson and myself. Look the {hey?} alive side the debate was judged a lie. - 31 Went to School Meeting in the {fternoon?}. W. Helsman went out and I was {elected?} in his {place?}

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