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1920 Feb 19th A very hard front last night about 16 below zero. - 21 - Went to Mrs {Loves? Lowes?} to get a Gonder + to H. Boakes to get a little black calf - 25 - Grandpa + Grandma Lee came over for dinner also Even Mr. Bea and Annie McLaughlin came up from Brantford for a visit. Herb C. helped to cut up oak tree in back field. - 26 A very cold windy day nearly zero all day. - 27 Went to Paris to get some {coal ete?}. Dollar Day. - 29 Drove up to Robertsons after S.S. to take them a {Premula Pla cut off...} from the S.S. Bob having been sick for two weeks. Mar 1st Order a new {Maesey Harris?} corn {illegible}. - 2nd Help Mr Calwell cut wood in the afternoon. - 3rd Herb Cunninghamd and I went to the bush to cut wood. - 4th Mr Lee came up from St. George and stayed for dinner - 5th A cold day after a thaw yesterday and rain last night the first {all winter?} - 8 - Went to the Glen in afternoon to get salt from the car. The Farmers Club had ordered @ $1.00 per {cur cut off...} - 9 - Went to Gordon {Browns?} sale in afternoon. - 10 - Went to the bush to draw out some wood as the snow {cone cut off...} thawing fast. - 11 - Drew straw stack into the barn, and went to J. {Germa cut off...} to get new Gander which had flown away two weeks ago. Edith went to Institute Meeting at Newtons. - 12 - Herb Cunningham + Mr Hartley came up to help {sans... illegible} - 16 Went to WIll Millers for dinner and to W. Goods sale in the after{noon? it was cut off} - 17 Brought of Ed Lueas {illegible} Douham bill (real)

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