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April 11th Alene + Ella Lee came out from Paris for dinner + the afternoon taking Don + Jack to the car after their Easter Holidays 12 Snowed all day, cleaned up {seed?} oats. Went to {Keislee?} in evening for eggs. 14 Took fat cattle to the Glen to ship {U Fall?} weighing 6750 lbs. {Sell?} goose on 14 eggs + sell 4 hens on White {Wyandotte?} eggs. 15 Still {illegible} this in the south lane and {relm + sir mapbe m?} along the road 16 Went to Paris to get a load of oats from Deans + Rutherford @ $1.30. Brought the last of the sap home from the bush and look up the fields. 17 {Busht?} bush in the garden and {mehand?} in the afternoon 18. Drove up to Cecil Simons for a little while after Sunday School 19 - Went to D. McPherson for 15 {bags?} seed barley @ $2.00. Cleaned out the closet and blew out some large {stone?} {illegible} {hill field?} 20. Started to cultivate and pick stones. Went to hear Dr Buchanan in St. George in the evening 21 A very fine rain {written above line} in the morning and most of the afternoon 22 Finished plowing root ground in mixed grain 25. Mr + Ms Coote and family came out for a visit 26. Started to sew oats in back 14 acre field. 27 - Went to Paris in afternoon and went in the evening to hear the Educational Play the "End of the Road" it was fine. 28 - A showery day {illegible} and finished plowing the garden also {illegible} "Irish Cobbler" 29 - Went to Mr + {Mrs Woodsinns?} for the evening. 30 - Finished sowing {no 72?} Oats 10 acres in 14 acre field. Grandpa + Grandma Lee + Mrs Wade came over for the day. Young {illegible}

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