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Sunday, April 26 1920 June 18th. Went to the S.S Convention at Branchton, on account of it being a wet day the crowd was not as large as usual but the speakers were fine. Miss Mabel Jaggart of {illegible} the {illegible} represents. .. 19" Sowed the turnips in back 14 acre field. .. 22 .. Held our meeting of the Sunday School in the evening. Combined with a social evening consisting of a short programe with cake and ice cream afterwards. .. 23.. Started to thin mangels, a very heavy rain. " Started to cut sweet clover back of drive shed. Grandpa Lee came over and re{illegible} the hay sack. Patched the kitchen roofs with shingle in forenoon. Drew in a load of sweet clover. .. 26 Went to S.S Picnic at Mohawk Park Brantford. .. 27 Wentto Meth. Church, Paris and to Grandpa Lee's for dinner Clarence & Marce being down from Guelph for the day. . 28 Cut Lucerne on north hill a light crop. .. 29 Started to do road-work a heavy rain at night. .. 30 Cut Lucerne on centre east hill. July 1st Finished cutting Lucerne clover .. 2nd A very heavy thunder storm in the afternoon W. Kelmans had seven cattle killed with lightning .. 4th Will Millers came over after S.S for a little visit. .. 5 . Started to thin turnips a good catch. .. 6 .. Finished drawing in Lucerne hay 7 loads.

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