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Friday, May 1 1920 Oct 1st A very dismal day with snow and rain which bent the corn badly. .. 2nd. Brought 9 young cattle home from the bush in forenoon and started plowing in back 14 acre field. ..3rd Held our regular S.S. Rally in the afternoon. Mr J. Burke of St. George giving a fine talk. .. 4th Helped R. Atkin to fill his silo in the afternoon Started to pick {Habbardem?} apples. .. 5 .. " J. Atkin to fill his silo. Went to J. Roschongho for apple bbls. ... Started to cut corn in the afternoon. Went to {Woolenane} for a bbl of Pears . 6 . Helped Rye crofts to fill his silo. Picked and packed apple .. 8 Helped Frank Reid to fill his silo. 9 Helped R. Atkin to thresh . 10 Went to Paris Plains S.S in the afternoon. . 11 S helped 6 bbls of apples and1 of Pears to Uncle Will in Manitoba. A fine rain in the afternoon. . 12 Helped Harthey and Johnson to fill their silos. 13 Finished cutting the corn using 5 1/4 balls of twine. .. 14 Firman Scott came to fill the silo. just enough corn to fill it and were through about 4 Oclock. ..15 Dm. Stanley {Margwrite?} Gullen & Janice Kewitt came out for Thanksgiving Holidays and to help with the potatoes. ..16 Helped Simons to fill their silo in forenoon. 18. Helped Hendersons to fill their silo, which was the last for this year. Took the girls & boys down to Thanksgiving entertainment at the Methodist Church St.George.

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