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Saturday, May 2 1920 Oct 21st. Finished digging [ptatoes about 1 1/2 acres about 180 bus. .. 24th. Tom & Leah with three little folks came down for the day. Mr & Mrs Rich bringing them in their car .. 27th Some very fine weather for a week or two, which I used as much as possible to get the apples picked .. 28th . Took about 10 bus of apples to Paris Station to get made into cider. (about 35 gal.) A very strong wind last night .. 29 .. Finished plowing oat stubble for corn. .. .. Started to pull mangels in back road field. .. 30 .. Don & Jack, Marguerete & Louise came up to gather nuts {illegibile}. Nov 1st A wet stormy day after a very fine October. .. 2nd Went to St George in the afternoon, and went with J. Mchilly to the Induction of our new Minister Rev. A. V. Patterson at the church of Brantchton. .. 3rd Started to top and grab the turnips. .. 6th Mr & Mrs {illegible} of Hamilton brought Mr Grant up to stay for a few days to fix the Grandfather Clock .. 9 . Finished drawing in the turnips 24 double {bog?} loads. Helped Hendersons to thresh. .. 10 Started to plow corn stubble in back ten acre field. .. 11 Helped Rye crofts to thresh. .. 12&13 Stormy days with snow .. 14th Gordon Griesson and family brought Aunt Maggie Gall{illegible} up for a visit. 15th 16th Helped Watson McPheson to thresh. .. 16th Went to Angus Cornwells funeral at Langford, his death

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