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Tuesday, May 5 1921 Jan 1st We all went up to Benson Jim Lockin at Waterton for Mew Years Dinner, the day were very mild with some rain which took all our snow away again. .. 2nd Will Miller came over for dinner and S.S. bringing Josie Jackson with them who staid for a day or so. .. 3rd Opened the silo .. 7th Mr Johnson & Harley came over to help draw in the stack. .. 8 .. Went to Mr D. Grandina funeral in the afternoon. .. 9 .. Took Andrew to Church in St. George for the first time. Mr Leckie of shiffield preached a very fine sermon. .. 10.. Started to draw manure to back 14 acre field. 11 .. Went to the bush with Mr Johnson and Hortley who started to out some wood on stone. Went to congregational meeting in Presbyterian church. St. George. .. 13 .. Drove to Paris and had dinner at Grampa & Grandma Lee. Went to U. Tell missing at the Glen in the evening to hear Mr Morrison of Toronto give a lecture it was fine. .. 20 Helped Grieve to kill two pigs in the afternoon. ..27 Sold Zelma mare to Win Hooves of Paris for $57.50. Edith and Leone & Andrew went over to Morris for a visit. .. 28 Rev Mr Patterson and Mr Burk of St. George came for tea. .. 30 Mr and Mrs Newton stayed after S.S. and spent the evening with us Feb 2nd. A cloudy a quite mild day. .. 3rd Black Holstein cow had a fine large heifer calf. .. 3 & 4 Was almost used up for a day or two with a cold and Grippe in the head.

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