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Friday, May 8 1921 Apr 2nd. Went to County S.S Executive Meeting in Brantford Y.M.C.A Mr Wm Simons funeral in the afternoon .. 4th Herb Cunningham came and we took the car out for the first time, as the weather was fine Herb stayed for a few days and helped to cultivate. 7 . Sowed Oat Rin field next Hartleys barn (south east field) .. 8 .. A fine warm rain after a very warm week. ..15. Took a load of potatoes to Brantford in the car and brought Louise & Don home with us. 9. Bob Brown came for a load of potatoes & took a load to Simmons 11.. The S.S. got up a Surprise party for Ellene Johnson to help celebrate her birthday and also to show her that we have appreciated her kind and willing services as organist and Sec. of our S.S for many years. She was presented with a set of dishes 1/2 dg. each of knives. forks & spoons. "Louvain pattern" about 40 people of the community were present and a very pleasant evening was spent in games, music etc,. 12 Harthy Johnson came over to drive a tean for a few days at the seeding. (15th) Went to Brantford with car. Louie came home with {illegible} 14 Sowed mixed grain in back ten acre field a heavy rain at night .. 16 The rain turned to snow and nearly six inches fell. .. 18 Took fat cattle to Brantford 2 cows and 4 young cattle having sold them to Fr. Benkett. Went to the Glen in afternoon to vote on Referand which carried by about 175:000 votes in the Province a fine day.

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