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Thursday, May 14 1921 Aug 10th Helped Simons to thresh rye in the field. Mrs Reynolds & the girls came down for a couple of days. .. 11 .. Womens Institute Meeting held here in the afternoon .. 12 . Scotts came to thresh 1/2 day 158 oats & 148 bus of wheat. Helped Johnsons to thresh in the afternoon .. 14 Went to the Glen to church and called on Rev. Mr & Mrs Patterson who were camping up there. A fine rain last night .. 15 Helped R. Atkin to thresh. Went to Dentists in afternoon. .. 17 .. Finished plowing back ten acre field for wheat. .. 19 . Picked Green gage plums, a heavy crop. .. 23 .. Finished plow 3 acre field of sod for wheat, (Started to plow {illegible} corn to {illegible}. .. 24 . Went to Farmers Picnic at Lucks flats a fine day and a great crowd about 3 or 4 thousand people there. .. 25 Mayme and children came up for a few days from Brantford . 25 Started Took 9 young cattle back to the bush. 26 Started to plow clover sod in centre east field very dry . 25 Went with W.McPherson + J.Atkin to judge school childrents plots .. 29 . A heavy but very fine rain (over 2 in's) which was badly needed .. 30 . Leone's Birthday, her mother giving a Gradle Roll Picnic. Grandpa & Grandpa Lee, Aunt Jill ovette & family coming over Went to young Peoples Meeting at Mrs {illegible} in the evening. .. 31 Andrews Birthday a very fine day. Sept 1st. Mayme and 3 children & Edith, Leme, Andrew & I went to Woodstock calling on Nelson Franklins in the afternoon. went to {illegible} in the evening staying all night at Breins and going to St. Marys.

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