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137 Sunday, May 17 Oct 22. Finished digging potoes 7 double loads off a little less than 2 acres. .. 23 Went to Paris Church in the morning to Harvest Home {illegible} . 24 .. Finished drawing in mangels 4 loads Went to McCombs for a load of Oats 27 bags, being my share of 1/3 from the fields at the bush. Went to Rev. S.S. Executive Meeting in Brantford in the evening. . 25 Went to Prov. S.S. Convention at Wellington St. Meth. Church Brantford. Went to Gullens at Echo Place for supper, and back to hear Dr Marion Lawrence in the evening. Edith stayed in Brantford for the three days, but I came home each night and went back for the afternoon and evening sessions. It was a great Convention and an overflow Meeting was held each evening. .. 29 . Tom Reynolds topped the turnips with the hoe. .. 31 . Held a Halloween Social here in the evening, there were about 60 present and all had a good time. the costumes were many and varied. R. Robertson taking the {illegible} for the man as Hard times and Louise Hewitt for the ladies as Charlie Chaplin, after the programe & lunch, the lights were turned low and the evening closed with old folk songs Nov 152nd. Drew wheat to Paris at 95 cents per bus. " Andrew started to walk at 14 mos. old. .. 7th Drew in the last load of turnips, making 16 loads in all . . Took celery, dalhia & gladalia bulbs into the cellar and finished picked the spy apples.

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