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141 Thursday, May 21 1922 Feb 15th Went to Mr & Mrs Congos for tea and to spend the evening. . 16 . Marnie & Jim Sharp came down for dinner and to spend the afternoon .. 18 Finished drawing in cornstalks from the field, the corn was well eared and yielded about 2 1/2 bus per shock on about 130 or 40 in all. saved about 3 bus of the best for seed. . 30 Derek Holsliey had a heifer calf. . 21 Rained with just enough frost to make it freeze to the trees, telephone wires etc, the worst icestorm we have ever had. breaking the dd or chards very baadly as well as trees every where and putting telephone wires & poles in very bad shape. . 23 .. Were invited to {illegible} E. Taylors for the evening but owing to the ice we could not go, Took Prince to Hartleys to get skood . 25 Light holstien cow had a dark blueish calf. Mar 1st. Not a bad day for the first of March fairly cold but not stormy . 3rd Went to Oratorial Contest at the Glen where I had been asked to help judge .. 7th We all drove to Paris in the morning and I took the train to Woodstock went to Crogiers for dinner and attended Presbytery Meeting in the afternoon . 8 .. Went to Weins sale, it being the second day of it, the roads were getting very bad. . The telephone men repaired our line and stayed here for dinner. .. 12. Dr. Dunton came out to see Edith after a tumble at front of cellar steps. .. 13 Beatrice Rye croft came to help. 14th Went to H. Clarke for a {illegible} luifer calf. . 15 Took engine & saw to Hartleys to cut wood. 14 & 17 Drew 2 laods of hay to Paris to {illegible{ & Gourby & Mr. Gray. . 21 Sowed clover seed in back 10 acre field, a fall of snow on the ground. .. 22 Hitched up colts Fred & Sandy to the sleigh for the first time. .. 23 Cut trees and broken limbs along the road in back field.

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