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1922. May 8th. Went to S.S. Executive + Programe {illegible} meeting at the Glen in the evening - 9 - Went to St. George in the afternoon to see the council about the road, and we motored to Brantford at night. - 10 - Gave mangel - ground a second coat of manure - 11 - {Pound mangel?} ground/ - 12 - Started to plow for corn - 14 - Mothers Day, went to church in St. George to Sister {Ball?} for dinner and to the Hospital in the afternoon - 17 - We all went down to Brantford and brought Edith + the baby {hen?} from the Hospital. Ollie Mealing came up to herd the cows - 15th Telephone repaired after having been out of commission since the big ice storm in the end of the month - 20 - Turned cows to pasture field - 22nd Sowed Sugar {mangels?} about {seven?} acre, also peads, beets, etc - 23 Finished manuring corn ground in south East field - 24 Went to Sharp Reunion at the Glen in afternoon, a fine day.

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